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For Organisations - Customised Programs

Are you tired of training that makes no impact on your staff skills and behaviours?

Do you see value in your staff learning from an expert?

Do you want your staff to learn how to apply specific tools that will increase their work efficiency?

Do you want your staff to learn the most current methods for improving their work performance?

Do you want your staff to be motivated and empowered to make a difference in their role at work?

Do you want collaborative staff who will support the achievement of business goals and objectives?

The following are comprehensive and practical programs designed for new and currently employed staff to achieve specific, fast and sustainable results. These programs can be facilitated as either accredited or non-accredited programs. Staff who complete an accredited program will be issued with the relevant accreditation upon completion. Staff who complete a non-accredited program will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.

  • Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment & Training*
  • Diploma in Training & Assessment Systems*
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator – Level 2***
  • JumpStart (Certificate II in Customer Contact)**
  • Outstanding Service (Certificate III in Customer Contact)**
  • Outstanding Leaders -Level 1 (Certificate IV in Customer Contact)**
  • Outstanding Leaders -Level 2 (Certificate IV in Customer Contact)**

* Facilitated as an accredited program
** Facilitated as either an accredited or non-accredited program
*** Facilitated as a non-accredited program

To find out how our Customised Programs for Organisations can help get you the results others can’t, please call us directly on +61 3 9500 2050.