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2006: Siemens selects People Matrix Group's Outstanding Service and Leaders Programs for accredited training for 2006/7.
2006: PMG launches Flight Path/Alignment and Performance Improvement Services at CCMA luncheon in Melbourne.
2005: Telstra (KAZ) selects People Matrix Group for developing Exceptional Service in Service Centre Agents.
2005: John Danks & Son selects People Matrix Group as their Team Development partner for establishing a new contact centre.
2005: JumpStart launches into Brisbane!
2004: Kimberly-Clark Australia selects People Matrix Group as training and development partner for their Consumer Advisory Service team in Sydney.
2004: BMW Group Financial Services establishes new in-house customer care centre through People Matrix Group's call centre establishment team.
2003: Asteron gains competitive advantage through Advanced Complaints training workshops
2003: Department of Sustainability & Environment selects People Matrix Group's Outstanding Leaders program for their accredited training in Wendouree.
2002: People Matrix Group launches JumpStart for Contact Centre Careers to meet the challenges of a tight recruitment market.
2001: Interflora achieves service, sales and leadership excellence through People Matrix Group’s “Outstanding Leaders” program.
2001: People Matrix Group accelerates service, sales and leadership skills through its acclaimed public workshops.


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