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Career Seekers - Overview

People Matrix Group helps people to start a new career in the Customer Contact Industry. Our Consultants make looking for a job in this competitive industry so much easier.

We provide pre-employment and accredited training, job search and placement support, and once you have started a job, we can provide coaching to help you settle into and be successful in your new role.

The quickest way to start a new Customer Contact Career

Do you want? –

  • To work in customer service
  • An attractive salary
  • To work with a team
  • Job satisfaction and challenges
  • Flexible or fixed hours (casual, part time, full time)
  • Career development opportunities
  • A chance to move up in a customer service environment
  • A chance to move into a specialised role within an organisation

If you want these things in a job/career, JumpStart will prepare and accelerate you into employment within the Customer Contact Industry.

To find out how JumpStart can help you prepare for a job in this competitive industry, click here JumpStart to find out more, or call us directly on +61 3 9500 2050.