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Career Seekers - JumpStart

Who does JumpStart?

Those who want to start a new career in the Customer Contact Industry, who want to change careers, or who want to start in a customer service role that will get them a career in their field of study or expertise.

What is JumpStart?

People Matrix Group is the founder of JumpStart, a program that consists of career coaching, accredited industry skills development*, recruitment and employment coaching support.

The training component of JumpStart includes nationally accredited units from the Certificate II in Customer Contact. As an established and recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO), People Matrix Group provides you with accreditation for the units you complete in the JumpStart program.

*Job Seekers may be eligible for government funding to do pre-employment training, so please discuss this with your Job Network Member.

Why choose JumpStart?

  • There is no program like it!
  • You will get full training, career placement support and on-the-job coaching
  • It is the fastest and best way to getting into a customer contact career
  • To have the best chance of getting a job in this competitive industry
  • Our Career Consultants make this an enjoyable experience for you
  • Be more prepared than other job seekers
  • Small investment for a BIG gain
  • To be accredited in industry standard competencies

4 Steps to qualify for JumpStart -

  1. Start by attending an information session to decide if this is the career for you. This session includes:
    a. A descriptive overview of the Customer Contact Industry
    b. A skills and career assessment

  2. Our Career Consultants will advise you of your assessment results. If you achieve the required results, you will be referred onto JumpStart Training. Alternative options are offered to those who are not eligible for JumpStart.

  3. For those enrolling in JumpStart Training – this is a 5 day accelerated training program where you will gain up-to-date workplace skills. By completing this training, you will be job-ready from the day you graduate.

  4. Upon graduation, our Career Consultants and network of employment support agencies will work with graduates until they find a job in a customer contact career.

To find out more and to register for an information and career assessment session, go to the Events Calendar page or contact us directly on +61 3 9500 2050.